• Identify birds, mammals, butterflies, fish, insects and spiders, mushrooms, reptiles and amphibians, seashells, seashore creatures, trees, tropical fishes, and wildflowers.


  • Use our guides for species identification. Use Audubon Guides for the most sophisticated search available — Quick Guide, Family/Taxonomic, Common Name, and Advanced Search


  • Extensive Reference Content including thousands of range maps and over 2,300 Bird Songs and Calls (more than any other site)


  • Over 8,000 high quality photographic images


  • Natural History, Family Descriptions, Taxonomy, Habitat, Endangered Species, Community and much more


  • Tens of thousands of pages of information from the 20 Volume National Audubon Society Field Guides, and many other best selling Audubon Guides and other Nature Books


  • Content constantly updated with new photos, blogs, articles, and other great stuff being added every day
Audubon Birds with eBird

 Real time access to
bird sightings in eBird backed
by the huge library of species information makes Audubon Birds the ideal app for every birder.


— Gary Langham, vice president and chief scientist for Audubon


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